Edwin "Blue" Kelner


Edwin “Blue” Kelner

Name: Edwin “Blue” Kelner
Race: Gnome
Class: Rogue/Warlock
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Armor Class:
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Edwin “Blue” Kelner

How old is your character? 23

Are your parents still alive? Father is unknown

How did he/she/they die? Cal’Nord killed Mother

Who raised you after their death? Fidilo was father role before and after mother’s death

Do you have any siblings? None known

Have any of them died?

How did he/she/they die?

What do your siblings do?

Are you married? Yes, to Cindy “Red” Kelner

Do you have children? One unknown to Edwin, Violet

What social class are you from?

How has your upbringing affected your world view?

How did you get started in your chosen class?

Do you have any heroes or inspirational figures?

Are you religious?

Are you guided by a prophecy?

What are your views on magic?

Have you ever served in the military?

Have you even been arrested? What for?

How did you meet your adventuring companions? Arrived with them and assigned duties with them at the prison

Have you ever crossed anyone?

Do you have any enemies? Cal’Nord

What are your goals in life?

How important is the accumulation of wealth?

If you died tomorrow what would you be remembered for?

Where did you learn or train your skills?

What do you need most?

When did you grow up?

How do you dress?

What is your comfort zone?

What are the first things someone notices when they first interact with you?

What do you sound like?

How do you want to die?

What follows is the story of Edwin “Blue” Kelner’s life up to his deportation to Blackrock Foundry:

Edwin never had an opportunity to know his father. Before Edwin was born, his mother, Helena, was living in Gilneas as a tailor. Edwin’s eventual father first met Helena as an innocuous customer coming to get his boots repaired. The rest of Helena’s encounters with this man remain unknown to Edwin as his mother would never wish to discuss them with him. And so he took his mother’s maiden name, Kelner. Edwin could only be sure of a handful of conceptions about his father. First and foremost, his father too must have been an exceptionally handsome gnome. Edwin liked to believe himself to be amongst the finest of gnomes, therefore, he reasoned, his father must be at least handsome enough to not genetically taint his mother’s beauty (Edwin had many such thoughts of his own importance). Edwin’s father had left his mother before he was born, and that was the end what he knew. His father’s status in life, reasons for coming to Gilneas, why he left shortly thereafter, or even whether or not he was still alive all remained a mystery to Edwin.

At some point briefly after he was born, Edwin’s mother, became apprehensive about her ability to provide for him, being unsupported herself. Helena used the last of the little money she had to catch a ship for herself and the son she loved to Lion’s Landing. This was a voyage grounded on an unfortunate misconception; Helena believed that some of her gnomish relatives lived in Lion’s Landing. Upon arriving, Helena spent weeks living in the margins of society unsuccessfully searching for family. Eventually, despite her best intentions, she felt entirely defeated in her efforts. Realizing that she now had to make it on her own, Helena found, due to quite the stroke of luck, a position to work as a clock worker and watchmaker’s assistant. It was very fortunate that she had mastered a steady hand in her days of tailoring. This took Helena a few miles away to the town of Carol Stream. The watchmaker was an ancient though very good natured man by the name of Fidilo. For years he would look after Helena and her son, acting as a grandfather.

By the time Edwin was a teenager, he had grown quite fond of both Fidilo and his watches. Fidilo for the obvious reasons, his abundant kindness and gentle humor. The watches for their intricacy. It did not take much time at all for Edwin to master the conceptual functions of the gears and inner workings of the watches. Developing the patience to endure the tedium of putting the little components in their place was a completely different matter. With time, and a fair bit of chastisement, his hands learned the dexterity needed to assemble the watches quickly, and therefore requiring little patience. Without a finite starting point, Edwin slowly came to be Fidilo’s formal apprentice and was given more freedom to unconventionally design watches. This training, harmlessly at first, began to translate into some of Edwin’s other pass times. He would have become famous in his town for his pranks if not for the fact that he was never caught doing one. Mysteriously enough, a nearby farmer’s wheelbarrow, like a socket wrench, could only be pushed or pulled backwards. Poor Mrs. Sneevely’s front door could never be unlocked. Some were lead to believe the town chapel was haunted due to the periodic ringing of the bell at odd intervals with no one present. A particularly grumpy townsman, Mr. Grinkle, was surprised to find all the smoke from his chimney redirected into his bedroom. Unsurprisingly, this did not cure Mr. Grinkle of his grouchy disposition.

For all his traps, surprises and pranks, Edwin found himself powerless when the tensions between Lion’s Landing and Mok’Nathaal came to conflict. Being the small merchant town it was, Carol Stream seemed to be the perfect target for a band of wandering orcs. Edwin was seventeen when he woke up to screaming in the town. Immediately realizing what must be happening, he had never been so glad that he put a trap door in the basement. He stepped out of his room to find his mother and Fidilo already in the living room haphazardly looking for ways to defend themselves. Before a move could be made to get to the basement, the front door was kicked down and Cal’Nord stepped in. The orc was easily recognizable from the wanted posters for the enormous branding on his bare chest. With unparalleled speed, Cal’Nord hurled three axes into the room. Fidilo was struck in the head, but only by a handle, and passed out while Helena had an ax cut into her ribs. Edwin’s right thigh was sliced, leaving a searing gash. He watched as the orc began to light a torch and could see the life leaving his mother’s eyes across the room. Furious, he tried to stand. The cut in his thigh fought this and pulled him down immediately. Looking back to his mother he saw her last breath and her eyes glaze over. His mom was dead. Unable to think of anything else, Edwin, in absolute rage, rose on one leg. This orc killed my mom. No pain, no fear, nothing else could fill his mind. While trying to hobble forward, inexplicably, all of his will and energy fled him and he collapsed. Even more inexplicable, Cal’Nord cried out in agony. Edwin looked up to see the orc’s eyes glowing purple. Overcome with exhaustion and pain from his leg, Edwin fell unconscious as he watched Cal’Nord continue to cry out while frantically looking around in a bewildered search.

When Edwin came to, early morning sunlight was streaming into the house and he was confused to see the house in the same condition as the night before. As best he could, Edwin crossed the room to check on a dazed Fidilo. The old man could not mutter anything close to intelligible as Edwin asked him what happened. Once he patched himself up, Edwin headed out to see what had become of the town. It was clear that the town was mostly ransacked which made it even more confusing to him that his house had been left alone after passing out. After few brief conversations with surviving neighbors he understood the general story to be: The orcs came, they were pillaging everything, then their leader, Cal’Nord, suffered some affliction and ordered a retreat. This left the village to recover for the coming weeks as best they could, which, for Edwin, meant trying to take care of Fidilo. With time, there was no improvement. Fidilo was too old to have been hit like he was and had lost his mind. He was generally quite and still very well intentioned, which made him emotionally manageable for Edwin, but was completely unable to care for himself. This became especially problematic when Edwin learned that the raid had leveled and plundered the clock workshop.

And thus began his days of thievery.

Edwin already had a fair amount of experience sneaking around from his season of pranks, but since the raid, stealth was taken to a new level. He had been noticing oddities in his life; when he moved quickly he felt as if he was going out of existence, his hands seemed to flicker. This could be used, to Edwin’s great pleasure, to find enough concealment where none could conceivably be found. He only needed the faintest shadows to quickly dip into. What he didn’t understand, is why any of it happened. For the time being, he did not know that he (or rather his mother for him) had made the warlocks pact with a Fey spirit; Helena’s spirit. Her dying act, unseen by the physical world, was to make a pact to a divine being (which one is still unknown to Edwin) that she might become something of a guardian angel for her son through her gnomish fey spirit. To say the least, shadow stepping was only the beginning of what Edwin would become capable of.

Knowing that he could not take from his own ravaged town, Edwin began to make visits back to Lion’s Landing. Now, these were indisputably illicit “errands” to the city, but he started by telling himself it was how he was best equipped to support Fidilo. It’s not everyday that you find yourself able to drift off into the shadows. However, his newly found abilities went unneeded in his early days of larceny. Edwin found street vendors to be particularly easy prey in broad daylight. The merchants hardly seemed to notice some extra goods taken as Edwin bartered, nor did they notice that his payment in the bartering would be a few items stolen from the neighboring booth. Being able to provide for Fidilo was nice, but the rush of taking from the booths and passerby pickpocketing was unparalleled. Realizing his ability to charm strangers and take (more or less) anything from right under their noses only pushed Edwin to want to obtain finer items. Soon the days of swiping a few extra loaves of bread, crude carvings and even a handful of coins from vendors’ money pouches came to an end. This, in part, stemmed from him feeling the guilt of taking from those who were only skimming by themselves, but it also turns out, as they were only skimming by, they did not tend to have many luxury goods.

When Edwin finished each run to Lion’s Landing he would return to good old Fidilo. Life in Carol Stream was that of tedium. When Edwin needed time away from the endless nonsensical mutterings of the old man he would work on his two crafts. The prioritized project was putting together a set of clothes to complement stealth. Edwin made a dark suite with a hood and cape that had plenty of secret pockets for hiding his treasures. The set was black along its edges (which would seem to be the go to color for all thinks sneaky) but the majority was colored with a deep royal blue. Simply, he liked the color. His second project was the creation of what he thought of as “the Master Watch”. In his runs to Lion’s Landing Edwin would keep an eye out for any materials that would find their place in the greatest watch he could conceive of. It was to be perfect, made from the purest metals and fastened with ornately sculpted gems (a lot of them) and would be structurally invulnerable while keeping time perfectly. He could not think of a more fitting gift for Fidilo to repay him for all the kindness he showed Edwin growing up.

With a completed cloak it became time to steal from those who had excess, which, without fail, meant that there would be guards. While Edwin enjoyed his new otherworldly abilities, it bothered him to no end that he hadn’t a clue where they came from or why he suddenly possessed them. Where does one go to learn things? The library of course. Edwin’s maiden voyage cloaked and armed (he did feel that bringing a dagger could prove useful) was to The Great Library of Magic and Oddities owned and built by the good Sir Walter Sunbloom. Under the cover of night Edwin had little issue finding his way into the library through a second level window. The building was massive and not terribly well organized, but the section “All Things Purple” (this gives some sense for the organizational deficiency of the institution) caught Edwin’s eye as he remembered the eyes of Cal’Nord. Edwin could only see a single night guard sitting where a desk attendant normally would during the day in the center of the ground floor. He strolled over to the “purple” section only a few shelves from where he entered. After several undisturbed hours among the tombs he was able to discern that he must now be harnessing the Eldritch powers of another being. Of which being and precisely how this came about, he was unsure. But due to the timing of his first notice of ability, he (as well as anyone who has an untold spirit placed on them can), knew it must have some relation to his mother. From this it was only a short jump to conclude that he was now, in all meaningful ways, a warlock. That would mean that he unintentionally afflicted Cal’Nord with EyeBite. This was significantly less pleasing to Edwin when he then learned that EyeBite was a particularly temporary disablement. Engrossed in his books, Edwin failed to notice the single guard come upon him and was surprised when he felt himself being grabbed from behind. Struggle as he might, he could not break free from the guards hold and felt rope begin to be wrapped around his waist. And then the hold was released. Edwin spun around immediately to see the guard’s body on the ground, lifeless. Yet, there were not marks or signs of harm on the guards body. Before he had a second to try and figure out what had happened he heard a distinct female voice in his head, “Hey, Blue, now would be the time to head out”. Even more confused, but reluctant to disobey the voices in his head at such odd times as these, Edwin scooped up a handful of the books and headed home.

All too aware that his last trip to the city was far more dangerous than he should allow it to be, Edwin spent a considerable amount of time practicing both dagger play and his supposed warlock powers. The dagger proficiency came along spectacularly, being able to consistently hit an apple (stolen of course) from fifty or more feet away is not small feat. The warlock bit however, showed frustratingly little progress. This was largely due to Edwin’s lack of formal training or education on the matter, and that all of the books he managed to swipe on his way out of the library pertained to the mating life of purple spineless deep sea creatures (it was a library of magic and oddities after all). Refocusing on his plans to build Fidilo’s watch, Edwin headed back into the city with a much needed dose of additional caution. This quickly turned into entertainment by making guards of rich establishments look foolish. While stealing from the great patrons of Lion’s Landing’s elitist neighborhood, Sapphire Heights, Edwin began to play one sided games with both law enforcers and private watchmen. These games ranged from convincing the poor souls of a travesty happening near by to confusing one guard into believing that he was protecting the wrong home. While that was all good fun, once Edwin had amassed all the impossibly expensive trinkets his heart desired (for the time being at least) and all the materials for the watch, his focused changed back to understanding his own powers.

Edwin returned to Sunbloom’s library under the cover of night once more. More cautious than before, he perused the shelves. Within minutes he heard the same female voice in his head, “Uh, Blue, you came back? I had to save your precious little self last time”.

The voice didn’t sound like his mother’s, but Edwin also wasn’t quite sure how spirit interactions worked and assumed it could only be hers. He responded by mumbling to himself (and to what he believed to be his mom), “Why are you calling me Blue? and Mom, I know it’s dangerous —” only to be cut off hearing giggling near by.

Then he heard the same female voice laughing from but from behind the bookshelf, “Your mom? Why ‘mom’ of all things? I saved you but don’t want to be called that.”

Edwin squinted between books trying to see the other side while whispering, “Wait… what? Who are you?”

Being given no response and seeing only a flicker of red cloth Edwin rushed around the bookshelf. His findings came close convincing Edwin of the possibility that what he was experiencing was not real life but rather that he was dreaming. In attire almost identical to his own, stood a girl gnome. Her robes colored red with gold borders in place of Edwin’s blue and black. He began to consider how cute this girl before him was (such is the life of a teenager who rarely to never sees someone of the opposite gender — and same species) before calling his attention back to the possibility of danger. The conversation that ensued ranged from tense to awkward while always being uncomfortable for Edwin. This was not helped by the girl’s unfailing and seemingly misplaced light heartedness. Questions were lead almost exclusively by Edwin. These ran something along the lines of: Who are you? Not sure I want you to know. Why are you here? I’m always here at night. Why do you call me Blue? Look at your robes. Why are you wearing my robes? I liked them when I saved you (the girl’s answers were not as helpful as they could have been). Why did you save me? Looking out for my fellow gnome, also, the guards bug me.

The frustrating answers continued for some time but eventually Edwin was able to uncover much of what he wanted to know. He could call her Red (this was not one of the satisfactory bits of information), she originally came to the library years ago for very similar reasons. When Red was young she was gifted with Psioinic abilities and received a bit of formal training. Why this training ended, Edwin was not told. Here Red was able to learn more about the tradition of the Psions and the control she had with her mind, hence the telepathy. She was admittedly not very stealthy herself, but that doesn’t seem to matter much when you can attack the minds of guards or have them convince themselves to look the other way. Red and gold are not particularly inconspicuous colors, but again, it hardly matters and she liked the colors. It was not until the sun began to rise that conversation moved to inquiry of Edwin’s life. Considering that the library would quickly become a poor location for trespassers to converse as the day began, Red decided that Edwin should take her to this town of Carol Stream he mentioned. With little resistance, Edwin agreed.

When they came to Carol Stream, Red became Fidilo’s caretaker almost immediately. She could speak into his mind in a way that no one else could. As helpful as this gift would be for Fidilo, Edwin was never quite comfortable with how often Red would just speak directly into his mind. Almost like teaching a toddler to speak properly Red reached into Fidilo’s mind to guide him in between runs to the city with Edwin (who she continued to call Blue despite knowing his real name). As Fidilo began to regain his mind, Red and Edwin would take trips back to the library to uncover the secrets behind Edwin’s powers. After a few visits Blue learned how to conjure a blast of pure Eldritch energy (warlock 101). As Red helped Fidilo slowly move towards sentience, Edwin taught Red all things rouge; how to hide under cover or in plain sight, pick pocketing, lock picking and the like. Then, together, they would raid Sapphire Heights in search of magical trinkets. Once found it was back to Sunbloom’s to figure out what made the trinket magical.

These escapades continued for months until Blue decided to take some dedicated time for finishing the watch for Fidilo, especially now that he was coming to a place where he could really appreciate the perfected gadgetry. While he worked away his mind would constantly wander to Cindy. Learning Red’s name had changed the game for Edwin. There also seems to be something about constantly facing near death experiences with someone that draws you too them. Or at least, this was the case for Edwin. Though that would not really have been needed as Blue had found Cindy overwhelmingly endearing and beautiful before they even left the library together for the first time (had he not, it seems doubtful that the stranger danger response would be “sure, lets go back to my house”). Upon finishing the watch, and feeling particularly triumphant for doing so (while feeling a bit silly and worried that he was just being ridiculous for what he was about to do), Blue came directly to Red and asked her to marry him. She thought that sounded like a great idea and agreed. Fidilo was aware enough at the time to be able to congratulate the two and then proceeded to conduct the ceremony himself in mostly gibberish. Though it was a questionable impromptu service (if it could even be considered one at all) Edwin and Cindy were content to accept it. Fidilo could not have been more happy to learn that this “wedding” ended with him receiving the Master Watch. Seeing how this worked, Fidilo began to try and marry the two again (Red had to spend quite some time explaining to Fidilo that both the marriage and the watch were one time things).

Life continued on this way for quite some time. Edwin and Cindy took care of Fidilo (who mostly remained an absolute fool with a heart of gold) while still religiously making trips into the city. To every degree that Edwin took to hoarding the newly acquired goods Red took to giving them away. A part of Edwin despised the Robin-Hood like disposition of Red, but the other part of him could see the good in it.And though he did love his trinkets, all of him rejected the idea of trying to stop Red from doing the end part of the thieving that she so loved. As well intentioned as Red may have been, the city eventually took notice to an abnormal amount of valuable items circulating through servants and craftsmen and common laborers alike.

Some time shortly thereafter, Blue and Red returned to the Sunbloom’s to find an unfortunate surprise. The captain of the guard for the city had called in help when he learned of the massive number of recent thefts. This meant that Edwin and Red approached the library only the be engaged by a wizard from the High Order. They carried with them a handful of their newly acquired goods and their magical aura was unmistakable to the wizard. The couple dodged the first set of animated shackles cast by the wizard and Edwin insisted that Red run. While Edwin was not entirely uninitiated in the ways of magic, he was worlds beneath this conjurer. Edwin’s retaliation was very brief before he was magically caged and then knocked out.

Blue woke up in a cell with a final telepathic message from Red, but because of the delay he could only make out that she intended to take herself and Fidilo elsewhere but could not understand the destination. His hope was that this at least meant that Red escaped but could not know for sure. Blue was given plenty of time to think about this as he was assigned to work in the local mines for life. Refusing to let anyone know anything about him, Edwin only ever told his fellow miners, and even the officers, to call him Blue.

Years later, when Blue was 23, he was told that he was going to be taken to Blackrock Foundry to work in the penal

Blue faces the following dilemmas:
He does not know who his father is or if he is alive
He does not know if Red made it out or where she would have taken Fidilo if she had
He does not know that Red was pregnant with their daughter (pause for cheesy cute name), Violet, when he was captured
The orc that killed his mother may still be alive and roaming him homeland (this has caused Blue to have an exceptional amount of distaste for all orcs)

Edwin "Blue" Kelner

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