Decker Wolfington

Suggested Template for Character Creation


Name: Decker Wolfington
Race: Human
Class: Ranger
Height: 6’1
Weight: 200
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: Aman’Thul

Armor Class: 19
Fortitude: 14
Reflex: 18
Will: 13
Health: 30
Speed: 6
Notes to DM: Suffers penalties from not sleeping well until one solid rest after three days, Drops crossbows and doesn’t reload in combat, Has vast nautical experience.

Any significant personal items: Hat of his old Captain
One emotion to describe your character: Loyal
One emotion your character invokes on others: Impassive
Three things your character hold sacred: Loyalty, Hard work, Courage
Three things your character is ideologically opposed to: Dependence, entitlement, marraige
Three of your character’s particular preferences: The color red, Sailor Shanties, Wind
Three of your character’s dislikes: Arcane Elves, Restricting Clothes (heavy armor, formal wear, ect.) Vermin
Three of your character’s strongest opinions: Women can ruin good men, Protect children’s innocence, Arcane Elves are holding their positions poorly
Three of your character quirks: OCD about some of his possessions, violently reactive to being surprised or unexpectedly touched
Three fears you character has: tight spaces, paranoia about being watched, creatures much larger than himself.


How old is your character? 31

Are your parents still alive? Mother is

How did he/she/they die? Father died in War of the Frozen Shelf

Who raised you after their death? Mother and older brothers

Do you have any siblings? 2 brothers (older) 1 sister (younger)

Have any of them died? Oldest brother

How did he/she/they die? In a duel over a girl

What do your siblings do? Sister is a housewife, brother is a soldier

Are you married? No

Do you have children? No

What social class are you from? Middle class military family

How has your upbringing affected your world view? Believes in hard work and independence, but also thinks you should do your part and help others

How did you get started in your chosen class? Martial skills as a soldier, ranger specialties as a bounty hunter

Do you have any heroes or inspirational figures? Father and his captain Yjordan from the war

Are you religious? Barely

Are you guided by a prophecy? no

What are your views on magic? tolerant, but has no aspirations for himself

Have you ever served in the military? Yes for 12 years

Have you even been arrested? What for? Was a prisoner of war for a short time, and unknowingly killed a high consul for a bounty

How did you meet your adventuring companions? Arrived at the Prison with them

Have you ever crossed anyone? Extremely loyal and not manipulative, so not to his knowledge

Do you have any enemies? The alliance of Dohrhuran, who lost a high consul to his hand, and Kingswell Blackmane, a rival sea captain who captured him and has battled with him many times over the course of the war

What are your goals in life? To live for more than himself

How important is the accumulation of wealth? Not very, he saw, from the people who hired him as a bounty hunter, that you can have too much money

If you died tomorrow what would you be remembered for? Acts of Valor from the War of the Frozen Shelf

Where did you learn or train your skills? Sailing and fighting during the war

What do you need most? companionship

When did you grow up? When he was 15, and he had to join the army

How do you dress? Dresses in similar fashion to his old nautical uniform with a tricorn hat and a long leather coat, underneath which he wears semi formal shirt and pants and a pair of large leather boots. This is close to what he wore for a decade of duty, and it has become what he is most comfortable in. For his own personal taste he wears a red shoulder cape and scarf, and a dark balaclava to cover his mouth and nose so that his mauled features wont be off putting to anyone.

What is your comfort zone? On ship and or at sea

What are the first things someone notices when they first interact with you? Face is massively deformed from old wounds and scars, specifically a large gash from his left lip to his cheekbone which makes it hard for him to pronounce so sounds like I’s and E’s. His reactions and dialogs are inexpressive tonally and facially, and doesn’t ever talk very much.

What do you sound like? Sounds like he’s not used to talking, his voice is a little raspy and unsure. His general volume level will usually be the lowest in the conversation.

How do you want to die? For people close to him

Decker Wolfington

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